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Клапан низкотемпературный Asco Numatics 210 LT

Размеры 1"- 1 1/2" DN25-DN50

Двухходовые электромагнитные клапаны для криогенных систем

Размер Пропускное
Пропускная способность
Дифференциальное давление,
Мин. Макс.
Криогенные жидкости*
NPT (м3/час) (л/мин) ~
1 25 11,6 193 0,35 14 SCB210C078LT
1 1/4 28 12,8 213 0,35 14 SCB210C080LT
1 1/2 32 19,3 321 0,35 14 SCB210C082LT

●●●●● All products are covered by the Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC and
are suitable for group 1 and 2 fluids
●●●●● The solenoid valves will withstand the severe service encountered in
controlling cryogenic fluids, such as liquid oxygen (-183°C), liquid argon
(-186°C) and liquid nitrogen -196°C)
●●●●● Solenoid valves require a minimum pressure differential of 0,35 bar
●●●●● All valves are degreased, cleaned, tested and packed to keep them free from
moisture. In addition, liquid oxygen (LOX) valves are 'black light' tested to check
for any hydrocarbons
●●●●● Heavy duty floating piston design for severe applications
●●●●● The solenoid valves satisfy all relevant EC directives
Differential  pressure 0,35 - 14 bar [1 bar = 100    kPa]
Maximum  viscosity 65 cSt (mm 2 /s)
Response times 40 - 120 ms


Материалы, контактирующие с проточной средой:
(*) Проверьте совместимость материалов с проточной средой.

Body Brass
Core tube Stainless steel
Core and plugnut Stainless steel
Springs Stainless steel
Seat Brass
Seals PTFE and Lead-Clad Copper
Core disc PTFE reinforced
Piston Brass
Piston disc PTFE
Piston rings PTFE (carbon filled)
Shading coil Copper


Электрические характеристики:

Coil insulation class F
Connector Spade plug (Pg 11P)
Connector  specification ISO 4400
Electrical  safety IEC 335
Standard voltages DC (=)  :  contact us
(Other voltages and 60 Hz on request)    AC (~)  :  24V - 115V - 230V / 50 Hz



●●●●● Waterproof enclosure with embedded screw terminal coil and Pg 13,5 cable gland to meet CEE-10 (IP67)
●●●●● Explosionproof enclosures for hazardous locations according to “CENELEC” and national standards (see section 10)
●●●●● Explosionproof and watertight enclosures according to “NEMA” standards (see section 10)
●●●●● Compliance with “UL” and “CSA” standards
●●●●● Manual operator
●●●●● Plug with visual indication and peak voltage suppression (see section 11)